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Local Business Spotlight: Shrent

Mar 03, 2023
Shrent local business

There is a new way of efficiently attaining items that you'd only need for a one-time use. The Town of Surfside is part of the several locations that the new online marketplace Shrent offers its convenient service, a platform where neighbors can rent items to and from one another.

Surfside resident Claudia Garrido launched the online platform as a way of supplying demand in the community of needing items for a few hours/days without having to foot the bill of purchasing it brand new to own. Items such as pressure washers, lawnmowers, tents, chairs, bikes, etc... Almost anything can be listed for rent on the site.

The online platform makes it easy to list your equipment for rent with your desired price. The communication with the renter/owner and the payment transaction is all done in the site, safely and securely.

What is Shrent?

A marketplace that allows people to rent household items directly from their neighbors in a cheaper, more efficient way while also helping people make money off their idle equipment.

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