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Town of Surfside Declares a Climate Emergency, Launches Response Plan


The Surfside Town Commission declared a Climate Emergency and approved Surfside’s initial Climate Crisis Report and Climate Action Plan during the Town Commission meeting held on Tuesday, December 10, 2019. Both the Climate Emergency declaration and the Crisis Report were approved unanimously. 

By declaring a Climate Emergency, the Town of Surfside publicly acknowledges the scientific evidence of global climate change and urges the U.S. Congress and the State of Florida legislature to take immediate action. Furthermore, Surfside requests regional collaboration and continued state and federal support in its efforts towards adaptation, mitigation and resiliency, including the implementation of the actions identified in the Town’s Climate Crisis Report.

In its first edition, the Climate Crisis Report highlights the effects currently experienced in the Town due to climate change, the effects that are projected for the future, and initiatives to date the Town has taken to mitigate and adapt to such effects. It includes a call-to-action on the matter and identifies the Town’s vulnerabilities in the face of climate change and sea-level rise. One of the main components of the report is Surfside’s Climate Action Plan, which outlines objectives and actions in twelve key areas, including land use and the built environment, public health, commitment to funding and public outreach.  

To learn more, please see: FAQs: How Surfside is Preparing for Sea-Level Rise and Climate Change

To review the Climate Crisis Report and Climate Action Plan, please reference: Town of Surfside Climate Crisis Report and Action Plan