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Surfside Welcomes 2020-2022 Town Commission


Congratulations and welcome to Surfside’s newly-elected Mayor and Commissioners:

Mayor Charles Burkett

Vice-Mayor Tina Paul

Commissioner Charles Kesl

Commissioner Eliana Salzhauer

Commissioner Nelly Velasquez

Thank you to our newly elected and re-elected leaders, and to all candidates, for their dedication to making the Town a vibrant, safe and thriving community. Their leadership is all the more important to Surfside in the face of the coronavirus outbreak and resultant economic uncertainty. The Town Administration and Staff are committed to working with elected officials for the health and well-being of all in the community, today and into the future. 

Additionally, the Town wishes to extend its sincere appreciation to the previous Commission for their hard work and dedication on behalf of the Surfside community.  

To view a recording of the Oath of Office Swearing In Ceremony that took place on Wednesday, March 18, please click HERE