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Miami-Dade County Condominium Special Assessment Program

Qualifying owners can get up to $50,000 in assistance to pay for assessments

Miami-Dade County is now providing funding assistance to help condominium owners pay for special assessments that can arise from building recertifications. Qualifying owners making less than 140% of the area median income (AMI) can get up to $50,000 in assistance to pay for these assessments. Individuals earning less than $95,620; couples making less than $109,200; three person households earning less than $122,920; and households of four making less than $136,500 may be eligible.

The Condominium Special Assessment Program is designed to assist condominium owners to address and pay for special assessment requirements that arise from rehabilitation and repairs as a result of applicable building integrity recertification requirements.


Mr. Shawn Topps

Miami-Dade County Public Housing and Community Development 786-469-2209


  • The homeowner must reside in the unit and it must be their primary residence and homestead.
  • Investment owners are not eligible for program assistance.
  • Income is below 140% of the AMI. See chart below.


  • $50,000 with a repayment term of 40 years.
  • For low-income families (below 80% AMI) monthly payment will be $50 the remaining balance due at Maturity Date.
  • For moderate-income families (above 80% AMI) monthly payment for moderate income families will be calculated at 0% interest rate for 40 years. Any cash assets exceeding $50,000 must be used for down payment up to 10% of the loan amount.


  • If the owner sells the property, cash out refinance or ceases to use the home as primary residence, the balance of the loan becomes due and payable.
  • Upon death of owner, the loan shall become due and payable in full unless ownership of the property passes to the heirs of owner and they meet the following criteria: (a) live in the property, (b) earn no more than the maximum percentage AMI at the time of transfer, and (c) execute appropriate documents as required by Miami-Dade County.
  • One-time assessment per unit owner and the rehabilitation funds will be paid directly to the Condominium Association.
  • Mortgage payments and HOA/Maintenance fees must be current. A description of the work to be done and or the Scope of Work will be required to determine the loan assistance.

Click Here to Download Application for the Condominium Special Assessment Program.

: This news item is sponsored by Commissioner Marianne Meischeid.

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