The Town of Surfside is seeking residents to fill (4) four open spots on the Personnel Appeals Board and (1) one open spot on the Police Trust Fund. Joining a board or committee is a meaningful way to help shape Surfside’s future and serve the community we live in. You can learn more and review requirements below.

If interested, please apply online on the Town website or print and submit completed applications to:

Attn: Sandra N. McCready, MMC, Town Clerk
Surfside Town Hall
9293 Harding Avenue
Surfside, FL 33154

The selection of members to a board or committee is conducted by the Town Commission.

For questions, email

Personnel Appeals Board

If a Town employee claims to have been discharged or reduced in their pay or rank, without cause, the employee can appeal to the Personnel Appeals Board and request an appeal hearing. (This right only applies to employees who have worked for the Town for two years or longer, and excludes the Town Manager, Clerk, and Attorney.) The board has the right to administer oaths, call or subpoena any person or records for the purpose of ascertaining the facts. The decision of the board must be binding upon the Town and the employee, and must be recorded by resolution.

Appointment & Qualifications:

The Personnel Appeals Board must consist of five qualified registered voters of Miami-Dade County whose legal residence is in the Town of Surfside.

Police Trust Fund

When you pay your property and casualty insurance premiums, what you may not realize is that you are also contributing to a special fund (State of Florida Chapter 185). This special fund provides enhanced pension benefits for police officers and firefighters. Each municipality creates a board of trustees, which is solely responsible for overseeing the trust fund. The Police Trust Fund typically meets quarterly at 7 a.m.

Appointment & Qualifications:

The Police Trust Fund consists of five members, two of whom, unless prohibited by law, must be legal residents of Surfside and must be appointed by the legislative body of the municipality, and two of whom must be police officers who are elected by a majority of the active police officers who are members of such plan. The fifth member must be chosen by a majority of the other four members. Each resident member must serve as a trustee for a period of two years, and may succeed him/herself in office. Each police officer member must serve as trustee for a period of two years, and each police officer may succeed him/herself in office. A completion of a Financial Disclosure Form is required by all members following appointment and is an annual requirement by all members of the fund.