Welcome to the Town of Surfside’s online, Customer Self Service (CSS) permitting portal.

At this time, we are providing digital permitting for the following permit types:

  • Commercial/Multi Family Flooring and Soundproofing
  • Residential Garage Door Changeout
  • Driveways
  • Fences
  • HVAC Air Conditioning straight change outs

Our online portal is user friendly and self-guided!

  1. The first step is registering and creating an account on the portal.
  2. Following registration, you may apply for a permit selecting the permits tab. As you move through each page, follow the prompts and click next when each step is completed.

Please note any documents and information to be submitted for each type of permit must be available in a digital format and attached as instructed for system review such as site plans, construction details, equipment rating sheets and Notice of Approvals (NOAs)/Florida Product Approvals.

Once your permit submittal is reviewed and approved, you will receive an email notification for payment of permit fees.

Thank you for using our CSS portal. Stay tuned for additional functionality coming soon.

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