When is PZB review required?
Planning and Zoning Board review is required for signs, site plans, amendments to the land use plan, changes to the official zoning map, comprehensive plan amendments, special exceptions, conditional uses, and/or variances. The board also conducts review for all structures to be constructed and renovated within town limits as it relates to the Town’s adopted design guidelines. List of projects that require Planning and Zoning Board Review.

What is needed for a fence permit?
In order to replace a fence for your business, a building permit form must be filed, together with a survey illustrating height, setbacks, material, and location of fence in relation to the property. Fences and walls must be constructed so that the finished side faces out or away from the property upon which it is constructed. All support posts and the unfinished side must be on the inside facing the property upon which said fence or wall is constructed. Wood Fence Requirements.

If you have any questions, please call the Planning Department at 305-862-4863 ext. 497

When are planning and zoning board applications due?
Generally, planning and zoning board applications are due on the 1st Thursday of each month. Contact 305-862-4863 ext. 497 for specific deadlines.

How do I replace the sign for my business?
In order to replace a sign for your business, a building permit form must be filed, together with drawings and specifications, indicating the location, construction, materials, manner of illuminating, method of securing or fastening, the number of signs applied for, the consent of the property owner, and the wording of the sign. Planning and Zoning Board review is required for all sign applications.

How do I replace my awning?
In order to replace an awning, you must apply for a building permit. Awning and Canopy Checklist.

Applicant must show the dimensions, location/placement, material of the awning. See Section 90-49.2 of the Town of Surfside’s Code of Ordinances for specific requirements concerning awnings

You may also contact the Planning Department at 305-862-4863 ext. 497 with any questions.

Can I convert my garage into a room for my house?
Single-family attached garages may be closed in, however specific requirements must be met. When an attached garage is converted for any other use, the garage door or doors may be replaced by a solid exterior wall and access to the former garage area must be provided from the main premises, in addition to any other permitted access. At least one (1) window must be provided. If the garage entrance is located at the front or primary corner of the property, landscaping must be provided along the base of the new exterior wall. When the installation of landscaping results in insufficient off-street parking, a landscaped planter will be permitted in lieu of the required landscaping. If the exterior door of the garage conversion is no longer level with grade, stairs may be installed and the exterior door must be accordingly corrected to comply with the Florida Building Code. The stairs will be permitted to encroach no more than 24 inches into the side or rear setbacks. In zoning districts within H30A and H30B, an attached garage may not be remodeled and used as a part of the main building unless all required off-street parking spaces are provided elsewhere on the lot.

For a description of the restrictions and requirements see Article V. Design Standards of the Code of Ordinances.

You may also contact the Planning Department at 954.266.6495 with any questions.

How do I find my zoning?
You can look them up on the Zoning Map.