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  • Sarah Sinatra Gould, AICP
Monday - Friday 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Mission Statement:

To provide professional technical assistance to the Town and its residents while guiding development in a manner that embraces the character of Surfside.

Services, Functions, and Activities:

This Division is responsible for the creation of and the modification to the Town ordinances that regulate development within the Town. This includes review of all plans for new development or modifications to existing development for compliance with the Town’s applicable ordinances. The Planning and Zoning Division provides a number of services to the residents and commercial property developers of the Town to ensure compliance with the Town’s codes. The purpose of Planning and Zoning is to establish and enforce development criteria such as setbacks, building heights, landscaping and signs, to assure that Surfside’s small town appearance and atmosphere is preserved. All plans for development, whether it be a new building, the modification of or addition to an existing building, the addition of items such as swimming pools, fences and signs, require a building permit application which is reviewed by zoning. This Division also serves as the liaison to the Planning and Zoning Board and the Design Review Board. These services are currently provided to the Town of Surfside through a contractual agreement with Calvin, Giordano & Associates.