The Town of Surfside, Florida is a Commission-Manager form of government. Article II of the Town of Surfside Charter provides a detailed explanation of the associated rights, responsibilities and prohibitions governing the Commission.

The Legislative Department consists of the Mayor, Vice Mayor and three Town Commissioners. They are identified by name and title on the title page of this document. Collectively, the legislative body is responsible principally for setting the general policy direction of the town. The Town Commission makes four critically important appointments on behalf of the Town and provides oversight to those appointments. The appointments are: 1) the Town Attorney, 2) Town Board members, 3) the Town Manager, and 4) the Town’s external auditor.

The powers and responsibilities of the Town Commission designated in the Town Charter include, among others: 1) appointments, 2) establishing administrative departments through the adopted budget, 3) levying taxes and assessments, 4) authorizing bond issuance, 5) adopting and modifying the official Town map, 6) regulating development consistent with governing laws, 7) addressing neighborhood development, 8) granting public utility franchises, 9) providing for an employee pension plan, 10) monitoring administrative services through the Town Manager, 11) appointing interim Commissioners in the event of a vacancy of office, and 12) providing Town ceremonies.

  • Shlomo Danzinger



    A proud husband and father of five, Shlomo Danzinger was in pursuit of an enhanced quality of life when he settled in Surfside with his family back in 2012. The Town’s tranquil pace and tight-knit community feel proved ideal for the Danzingers, with their children bicycling over to Ruth K. Broad Elementary School in the neighboring town of Bay Harbor Islands.

    That appreciation for community led Mayor Danzinger to serve on the Parks & Recreation Committee for nearly a decade, advocating for new programs all Surfside families and residents could enjoy. Additional experience with the Town includes serving on the special joint committee addressing a proposal for a new Community Center as well as its Concession Committee which was instrumental in establishing the Surf n’ Sides eatery currently operating poolside.

    As the eldest of 12 children, Mayor Danzinger’s leadership skills developed early, bolstering him through his 25+ year career supporting tech industry giants and startups, successfully managing teams of over 100 employees. His strategic approach to problem-solving was a key skill in the successful implementation of new technologies and applications across 33 state correctional institutions and multiple law enforcement agencies.

    As a husband and father, he is unwavering in his commitment to a better Surfside for all residents. One where families flourish and each member of the community feels respected and welcome.

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  • jRose_hs

    Jeffrey Rose

    Vice Mayor


    Born and raised in South Florida, Vice Mayor Jeffrey Rose attended college at the University of Florida where he majored in political science. There, he met his wife and better half Leah before beginning his career in commercial real estate with Marcus and Millichap.

    His next move in real estate came working alongside his father at his brokerage firm Rose and Rose Realty. While working with residential clients, he saw the need for honest and dependable general contractors, which motivated him to transition his career and start his own construction company, successfully becoming a general contractor.

    “Jeff,” as most friends and residents have come to know him, moved to Surfside with his wife in 2014. Since then, the two have expanded the family with the addition of their two young sons.  He quickly became involved in the community, making new connections with residents and town employees. As a resident with young children, the vice mayor and his family regularly take advantage of the Town’s programming, enjoying the special events, parks, and unique offerings within Town. His connection to Surfside would grow even stronger after the Champlain Towers South tragedy, where his parents owned an apartment at the time of the collapse.

    Humbled and honored to be elected as Surfside’s Vice Mayor, he looks forward to his tenure on the Commission, serving the residents of Surfside and working hard to preserve and improve the distinct way of life the way of life within our amazing beach town.

  • fLandsman_hs

    Fred Landsman



    For 12 years, Fred Landsman has called the Town of Surfside home. Originally from the Midwest, this Chicago-born, long-term resident settled in Surfside with his wife and family for its small community feel and enviable quality of life. Landman’s two teenage daughters, studying design at DASH and science at MAST @FIU respectively, clearly share the same professional drive which during his educational years, resulted in obtaining a B.A. degree from the University of Illinois Champaign and an MBA from Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles.

    Landsman’s career, spanning more than 20 years of experience on both coasts, originated in technology sales. He currently works as a recruiting leader for the tech industry, overseeing talent acquisition and general human resource management for a variety of organizations, most recently as lead recruiter for a multi-million-dollar software company employing more than 2,000 people. Previous entrepreneurial endeavors include owning and operating a restaurant in Atlanta, Georgia, for four years.

    During his years of residence, Landsman has been an active community volunteer, embracing the opportunity to serve – most recently as the vice chair of the Town’s Planning and Zoning Board, and previously in the Downtown Vision Advisory Committee (DVAC). Experience he hopes will better inform his viewpoints as a member of the Town Commission. His decision to venture into public office stems from the desire to use his position to influence positive, directional policy decisions that will help Surfside grow, ushering in a new era of livability and wellness for all residents.


  • mMeischeid_hs

    Marianne Meischeid



    Commissioner Marianne Meischeid grew up the eldest of a large family in Easton, Pa. After putting herself through college, she moved to Manhattan to fulfill a childhood dream.

    For 20 years, she has been your neighbor and an owner at the Four Winds Condominium on Collins Avenue. As a long-term resident, she found a passion for the Town, its people, and its lifestyle. In 2014, she turned this passion into action, starting with a position on the Sand Committee that was dedicated to protecting our beach. During this time, she was directly responsible for working with Tallahassee on legislation that became Ordinance 15-1631 for an approved particle size and color of sand placed on our beach. In addition, she had the pleasure of introducing a pilot project to prevent beach erosion in the future.

    From 2016 to 2018, she served on the Tourist Board, where she helped initiate “First Fridays” on the beach during the summer months when hotels were at their low season. The Town is the beneficiary of millions of dollars in tourist tax revenue each year. The Tourist Board directs some of this money to worthwhile endeavors. Spending this money wisely and carefully was her priority.

    From 2018 until her election as Commissioner, she served on the Downtown Vision Advisory Committee (DVAC). This decision was made to uphold a standard for our beautiful town and increase foot traffic to our local businesses. As Chairman, she spearheaded a bold program, working with the Town Manager and Planner, to make the sidewalks in Downtown more walkable to support this cause. She currently is the Store Manager for Pampaloni Silver located at 9513 Harding Avenue.

    As a businesswoman, her career experience has been in sales and marketing for laboratory diagnostic equipment in New York and Florida. Forecasting and budgeting were essential to keeping ahead of a rapidly progressing field. She has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Medical Technology from Cedar Crest College in Allentown, Pa., with a Certificate of Business Management from New York University, and a Florida Real Estate License.

    As a well-rounded and dedicated resident, she has made “health, safety and welfare” issues her core values. Her objective is to ensure that the livability we have come to enjoy continues into the future.


  • Nelly Velasquez

    Nelly Velasquez



    Like many New Yorkers, Commissioner Nelly Velasquez fell in love with Surfside’s privileged weather, natural beauty and serene quality of life. She has been a Town resident for 10 years, residing in the residential district with her husband and two children.

    As the only returning member of the former Commission, she has been instrumental in spearheading efforts to initiate the process of undergrounding all Town utilities, a measure that was supported by a majority of voters in the recent election. Improved neighborhood aesthetics and greater resiliency during wind events are the impetus behind her commitment to this passion project.

    Resiliency is also paramount for another cause near and dear to the Commissioner’s heart, tackling the Town’s flooding issues—particularly in the single-family-home district along Abbot Avenue. She has been a fierce proponent of Abbot Avenue drainage improvements in the hopes of solving a stubborn and complex problem many residents have sought answers on.

    In her downtime, Commissioner Velasquez enjoys spending time with her family, taking advantage of the programming at the Community Center as well as many of the Town’s signature annual events. A proud American with a devout sense of community pride, she marks Fourth of July as one of her favorite holidays to celebrate. Fireworks, friends and family - all key components of that staple event - and all part of what drives her fervent desire to serve the Town and its residents.