• Tourist Board Members

    Surfside isn’t just a wonderful place to live, it is also a fabulous place to vacation! Want to have a voice in how tourism impacts the quality of life in Surfside? In just a few short years, the Town’s visitor numbers have grown exponentially. The Tourist Board is looking for creative, committed individuals to help lead the discussion in finding innovative ways to welcome tourists while ensuring that all initiatives have a clear benefit to residents and the community.

    The Board manages one-third of the resort tax collection (4% accommodations tax and 2% food and beverage tax). This means you will have the power to direct those tourism dollars and chart the course of any promotional campaigns and/or marketing initiatives to help Surfside businesses, special events like Third Thursdays and First Fridays, holiday decorations, tourism social media accounts, and much more! Apply today and get involved.

    Mayor Shlomo Danzinger - David Karp
    Vice Mayor Jeffrey Rose - Diana Gonzalez
    Commissioner Landsman - Ben Jacobson
    Commissioner Meischeid - Ezequiel Singer
    Commissioner Velasquez -Eli Tourgeman
    Liaison - Mayor Shlomo Danzinger